TheHealthyWeighOut: Customized Individual 4-Week Program


NEW!  “Premier Start” 4-week Customized Individual Emotional & Binge Eating Weight Loss Program 

Perfect for executives, out-of-town participants or simply individuals who prefer a private, individual TheHealthyWeighOut program experience, we offer this exciting new option!
Our TheHealthyWeighOut curriculum is delivered in a concentrated individual structure that takes place over 4 consecutive weeks.  Programming can occur on any 4 consecutive days of the week, allowing out-of-town participants to travel back to home states for a long, 3-day weekend each week, if desired.  Program services include one-on-one instruction, in the following 3-pronged areas:
  • Emotional:  one-on-one curriculum instruction, 2 days per week, for 1.5 hour each session
  • Nutritional:   one-on-one curriculum instruction, 2 days per week, for 1.5 hour each session
  • Physical fitness:  one-on-one, 50 minute movement sessions, 3 days per week, in our unique and private BodySAFE Exercise Studio*   *The level of intensity and specific activities will be adjusted and based upon your individual physical fitness ability level


  • One-on-one, individual therapy:  An additional option that is VERY popular and recommended for most everyone who goes through our HWO program is the option to ADD individual therapy to your concentrated individual program, directed toward emotional and binge eating core work and resolution.  We recommend that participants engage in individual therapy, 2 times per week, as an adjunct to the above skills-based program.  Please note that individual therapy is NOT included in the price of the program.  Discounted package rates are available for participants choosing to add individual therapy to their 4-week customized program.


The following chart shows how our 4-week Premier Start program compares to our 6-week Jump Start and Gentle Start programs:

 **Please note that individual therapy can be added to your Premier Start program for an additional cost.**


Lodging & Food for our Out-of-Town Participants:

TheHealthyWeighOut provides a number of convenient options for our out-of-town guests traveling to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona!
1.  Participants are encouraged to either stay in a hotel “suite” facility that allows for simple cooking, or to stay in one of the abundant condominiums that are readily available to rent in the Scottsdale area.  We are happy to help participants with location and search options, if desired.
2.  Participants can shop and cook for themselves (something we typically review in our program), or we can arrange “home delivery” food services that we have available to utilize for our participants.**
**Accommodations and food costs are the responsibility of the participant and are NOT included in the cost of TheHealthyWeigOut program.

For participants wanting a concentrated “Premier” Customized individual treatment experience, our new “Premier Start” program is perfect for you!