Feeling a Bit Scared?  Apprehensive?  That’s Normal! 

If you are feeling apprehensive, scared, or perhaps a bit reluctant to move forward with joining our TheHealthyWeighOut program, please know that you are certainly not alone!  Many of our participants recall feeling the exact same way before beginning their 6-Week Emotional and Binge Eating Program.

Once they started, however, the very same overjoyed participants exclaimed how “relieved” and “grateful” they were to have begun TRULY changing their relationship with food, their body, and their self.

Our Emotional & Binge Eating Program WILL make a difference in your life

Still not convinced?  Don’t just take it from us!  Here are just a few of the many success stories and expressions of gratitude expressed to our team, as shared by successful TheHealthyWeighOut program alumni!   

Participants who completed our Emotional & Binge Eating Program shared these very special thoughts:


About Our Emotional & Binge Eating Program

“It’s never too late ~ I am 57-years old and have battled emotional eating all my life. TheHealthyWeighOut program is truly life changing. The program teaches you how to use food as nourishment to your body and eliminate it as your friend. It is not a diet but a lifelong commitment to getting and staying healthy. The emotional, nutritional, and physical aspects of the program are facilitated by compassionate and understanding people in a safe environment and will jump start you to a life you so deserve. Don’t hesitate one minute. It has been the BEST thing I have ever done for myself.”  
— Age 57

“I am the first to say, “It’s the best thing I have ever done!”  You may be scared, nervous and not sure if HWO is what you want, but please know it is!”  
— Age 58

“I am now better equipped to end that destructive cycle of behavior…truly life changing. Thank you.”  
— Age 61

“A place where one can regain hope in an environment that is safe and nurturing to the mind, body, and soul.”  
— Age 51

“It is truly a miracle eye-opening experience! One of a kind treatment. …Hopeful beyond my expectations!”  
— Age 62

“I learned some of the science behind what I do and became more aware of how to recognize and deal with my behaviors. I experienced a lot of personal insights through this program.”  
— Age 55

“HWO was nothing like I thought it was going to be.  I thought the dietitian was going to have me eat very little and food that tastes like cardboard.  This was not the case.  You learn to enjoy food in a healthy way.  The physical trainer will show you that movement can be fun and you don’t need to live at the gym to be healthy.  Emotional work will guide you through the bumps of everyday life and will give you the tools to handle life more effectively.  THIS IS YOUR TIME.”

“You will learn so much about yourself, your emotions, your physical abilities and your food relationships that will bring you closer to the new life you so deserve.”

“This program truly addresses all aspects of overeating and healthy weight loss in a non-threatening and emotionally safe environment. I would highly recommend it!”  
— Age 69

“You will never understand how helpful this program will be for you.  Both physically and mentally.”

“…Honestly, I’ve learned more in the last eight weeks than in the last 25 years of reading every self-help book published on this topic. …It’s like the lights have been turned on for the first time.”  
— Age 49

“You will learn so much about yourself, your emotions, your physical abilities and your food relationships that will bring you closer to the new life you so deserve.”

“If [you] are truly ready to make a change this is the program to use.”

I am grateful for this program being created!”  
— Age 43


About Our Emotional & Binge Eating Specialists

“TheHealthyWeighOut staff I have worked with are exceptional and caring people who I trust.”  
— Age 55

“The participants and facilitators in HWO are amazing! It is a safe and comfortable environment where you will feel accepted exactly the way you are.  The intensive weekends are full of valuable learning experiences that WILL change the way you eat, move, and feel.”  
— Age 40

“I just want to thank Dr. Ashley, Jennifer, and Kristine for their participation and guidance in the retreats. You all are awesome!”  
— Age 55

“Great insights from staff!”  
— Age 61

“The staff is knowledgeable, understanding, and always willing to listen and help!”  
— Age 70


About Our Wonderful TheHealthyWeighOut Community

“I have found a supportive environment in which to grow and heal.”  
— Age 55

Experienced “a sense of community, safety, and learning.”  
— Age 51

“A caring safe place to reveal myself and my eating disorder.”  
— Age 51

I am grateful for this program being created!”
— Age 43

“If [you] are truly ready to make a change this is the program to use.”


A VERY meaningful (handmade!) gift of “thanks,” given to our team by a special group of HWO Alumni

A beautiful gift of “thanks” given to our team by a beautiful group of participants. Each petal of the HWO flower represents words and quotes our team has given to support and encourage our participants; within the 3-pronged Emotional, Nutritional, and Physical fitness areas of our program.

We proudly showcase this plaque in our center, for it reminds us of the heart & soul that is the foundation of our program and the amazing community that it creates.


Happy Anniversary from TheHealthyWeighOut!

And in return, a special video message to all of our fantastic alumni 🙂  This message was filmed on September 22, 2016, the 2nd anniversary of our first HWO session. We couldn’t believe how far everyone involved in our groundbreaking program had come, in just two years!  Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing people (just like you!) transform themselves, from the inside out.

Still unsure?  

Check out our participants’ impressive results. If you are scared, we encourage you to “be afraid and do it anyway!” For we KNOW, it will be one of the most importantlife-changing decisions of your life!

We hope to see you soon!