Emotional & Binge Eating Disorder Weight Loss Treatment Program: TheHealthyWeighOut


An Emotional & Binge Eating Weight Loss Treatment Program that will End Your Battle with Food! 

Our 3-Pronged Approach will Re-Define your Relationship with Food, Body, Weight & Self

TheHealthyWeighOut 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Program is truly a dynamic, life-changing program that incorporates the philosophy and content of our innovative 3-pronged approach within a 6-week concentrated outpatient program.  Allowing participants to work and remain at home while engaging in an “intensive” outpatient format has proven to create genuine change for our participants.  Learning new concepts, and then being able to practice and implement those changes while in your “real life” environment, gives participants an exciting chance to learn, practice, and then return for additional help and encouragement, within our 6-week supportive structure.

While most participants begin our program with a strong desire to lose weight, most are intrigued and pleasantly surprised at how quickly “the number on the scale” becomes secondary to the incredible changes they find themselves experiencing in the multiple “other-than-weight” areas of health and improvement, including:

  • Learning “why” and what drives your chronic overeating
  • Learning to stop overeating & binge eating behavior
  • Developing the ability & skills to successfully manage food cravings
  • Developing the ability to comfort yourself, without using food! 
  • Developing satisfying, “nourishing” relationships
  • Intuitive Eating” skills for effective weight loss and weight management

Additional Benefits:  Self-Acceptance & a Healthier Body-Image

But it doesn’t stop there! Participants learn so much more than an initial improved relationship with food.  Through our 6-week program, you will also come to;

  • Value yourself more
  • Accept yourself more
  • Have greater compassion for your body, weight & size
  • Learn how to support yourself toward greater health & a healthier weight, as opposed to “hating” yourself unless you lose weight
  • Long-term weight loss, utilizing sustainable intuitive eating skills

Program Structure: “Classic” 6-Week Program

Our program takes place over a 6-week period of time and uses a unique hybrid format.  Our innovative structure allows for a powerful combination of cohesive SMALL group formatting (3-7 people in each group) and individualized, one-on-one services.

Specifically, participants engage in three 2-day retreats over a 6-week period of time.  These retreats occur on a Friday and Saturday and run all day, with a catered family-style lunch on each day.  Within each 2-day retreat, we address the Emotional, Nutritional & Physical movement aspects of our 3-pronged approach to developing a healthier relationship with food, eliminating emotional & binge eating, and starting a sustainable weight loss process.

In between every 2-day retreat cycle, participants engage in weekly Nutritional & Physical fitness one-on-one services, scheduled throughout the week at your convenience.  

Two Flexible Levels of Care!

We realize that not all people are the same and that different individuals want, and oftentimes require, different levels of care. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our participants two levels of care within our 3-pronged 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Weight Loss Program:

  1. Jump Start” – This is our most popular level of services within our 6-week program. Participants signing up for this level of programming will engage in the three 2-day retreats and will also engage in:
    1. Weekly, one-on-one, 50-minute Nutrition therapy sessions for a total of 6 sessions with our registered dietitian, Kristine Sinner
    2. Twice a week, one-on-one, 50-minute Physical movement sessions for a total of 12 sessions with our “intuitive movement” fitness specialists, Marta Malloy, MS or Terri Hay
  2. Gentle Start” – This level of care is for those participants who want a “gentler” introduction to our 3-pronged approach.  Participants signed up for this level of programming will engage in all 3 of our concentrated 2-day retreats, but will not engage in one-on-one services throughout the 6 weeks. 

Here is a nice visual of our two program options for the 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Program, as they compare to our 4-week individualized Premier Start program:

Curious about our 4-week Premier Start program? Click here for more details.

Lodging & Food for our Out-of-Town Participants:

TheHealthyWeighOut provides a number of convenient options for our out-of-town guests traveling to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona!
1.  Participants are encouraged to either stay in a hotel “suite” facility that allows for simple cooking, or to stay in one of the abundant condominiums that are readily available to rent in the Scottsdale area.  We are happy to help participants with location and search options, if desired.
2.  Participants can shop and cook for themselves (something we typically review in our program), or we can arrange “home delivery” food services that we have available to utilize for our participants.**
**Accommodations and food costs are the responsibility of the participant and are NOT included in the cost of TheHealthyWeigOut program.

We are SO very proud of our life-changing program, but don’t take it solely from us!  

Watch this video from a very pleased, very proud, former TheHealthyweighOut participant and you’ll be excited too!


Ready for change?  We’d love to see you in our next 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating session! Click here for dates of upcoming sessions.