Post Program Support

Ongoing Support for a Lifetime of Health

We know that the decision to become, and remain, healthy is a lifelong commitment. Becoming healthy from the inside out takes time and a community of supportive friends, healthcare providers, activities, and services that will help you solidify your life-long goal of health and well-being

That’s why we offer our participants an abundance of ongoing support services following the successful completion of their 6-week or 4-week Emotional & Binge Eating Program. 

TheHealthyWeighOut alumni are encouraged to take advantage of the many services offered to continue their Emotional, Nutritional, and Physical movement development.

Here are a few of the supportive services we highly recommend following completion of our 6-and 4-week Emotional & Binge Eating Programs:


1.  Emotional Eating & Interpersonal Process Therapy Group for TheHealthyWeighOut Alumni

Because so many of our participants find the group support aspect of their treatment process to be SO powerful, TheHealthyWeighOut offers a post-program weekly therapeutic support group. This group is open only to alumni of the 6-week program, therefore, you will be surrounded by like-minded and like-bodied individuals who are dedicated to continuing their transformational process together!

Facilitated by program co-creator, Dr. Julie T. Anné,  this powerful group brings participants to a deeper level of connection within their self – and with others –  as participants move to incorporate learned skills and behaviors into daily relational life. An abundance of support and continued growth is poignantly found in these working aftercare groups.

Alumni of the 6-week Emotional & Binge Eating Program are welcome to join this group (at an additional cost) at any time upon completion of the program. 



Day:  Every Tuesday, 5:30 – 7:00pm

Facilitator:  Dr. Julie T. Anné

Cost:  $60


2.  14-Week DBT Skills Group

Research has shown that DBT skills are a highly effective tool in the elimination of emotional and binge eating. After completing the 6-week program, in which participants are introduced to some DBT skills, many people find it helpful to complete the full DBT skills group facilitated by our in-house DBT expert, Jennifer Denkers, LPC. This group gives participants the opportunity to learn and practice these skills on a deeper level, strengthening their ability to more effectively regulate their emotions and weather emotional “storms” without the misuse of food.

Day:  Every Wednesday, 11:00am – 12:30pm

Facilitator:  Jennifer Denkers, L.P.C.

Cost:  $60


3.  “Intuitive Movement” Training Services

Everyone falls in love with our amazing trainers, Marta and Terri. Respected for their incredible ability to skillfully train people of all ages, body types, and abilities, these women also create an emotionally safe experience to fall in love with movement and your body all over again!

Alum of our program can continue working with Marta and Terri in both one-on-one and small group (2-4) sessions. Embodying our “intuitive movement” approach, which promotes effective and enjoyable physical activity, our trainers proudly offer a variety of training options:

  • Strength training conducted in a quiet, semi-private boutique movement studio located less than one mile from our treatment center;
  • Movement conducted outdoors in natural environments, such as parks, neighborhoods, and trails
  • Group workout classes at local studios (e.g., kickboxing, pilates, cardio barre), in which Marta or Terri will participate in the class with you so that you don’t have to try it on your own
  • Follow an at-home routine developed specifically for you by Marta or Terri, and receive regular phone coaching to provide you with support and enhancements to maintain the best movement routine for your body


4.  Nutrition Therapy

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Healthy, sustainable weight loss with the goal of eventually mastering “intuitive eating” principles takes an extended period of time, especially if you have a significant amount of weight to lose and/or if you have developed metabolic issues due to years of yo-yo dieting.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that participants continue their individual nutrition services with our registered dietitian, Melissa Daniels Bloom, MS, RD, until they have mastered intuitive eating skills.

Every client’s needs are different, therefore the frequency of sessions will be determined by both you and Melissa after completing the program.


5.  Repeat the 6-Week Program!

Many of our participants opt to repeat the 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Program because they really enjoy (and greatly benefit from!) the comprehensive structure of the program and the group camaraderie with other participants! This program is rich with content, and many participants have found that hearing the information and practicing the skills a second time around is very helpful in developing mastery over the content.

To support participants’ continued healing, we offer a discount for participants who repeat the 6-week program!


6.  Individualized Emotional, Nutritional, and/or Physical Movement Services

Participants who desire to continue working in any of the essential areas of Emotional, Nutritional, and/or Physical movement are welcome to schedule subsequent follow-up individual therapeutic, nutrition, and/or movement support services.

Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” — Brené Brown