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“[not-your-typical] Eating Disorder Recovery Tips Tuesday”

“Emotional & Binge Eating Weigh Out Wednesday”

“From Hunger to Fulfillment:  Real Questions,  Straight Answers” 


Watch our Recent Episode of “From Hunger to Fulfillment”

This series is a bi-weekly Q & A where Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley come together to answer YOUR questions (anonymously, of course!) regarding everything related to: eating disorders, emotional eating, body-image, weight and FULL recovery.

 In this special Thanksgiving episode, you’ll find helpful education and guidance regarding how to survive the Thanksgiving holiday when you are working on eating disorder recovery.  

Watch Dr. Julie’s Recent Episode of
“[not-your-typical] Eating Disorder Recovery Tips Tuesday”

With characteristic hope and passion, Dr. Julie explains the oftentimes confusing relationship between your inability to FEEL and your use of FOOD as a maladaptive means to cope with your emotional world; be it through restricting, binging and purging or engaging in binge eating episodes.  

In part 2 of this 2 – part episode, Dr. Julie walks you through in a compassionate and hopeful manner, the necessary “internal emotional work” that WILL allow you to actually heal your relationship with your emotions, your self, and food in a straight-forward and passionate manner that makes complicated eating disorder recovery work feel doable!

Watch Dr. Ashley’s Recent Episode of
“Emotional and Binge Eating WeighOut Wednesday”

Do you tend to go AROUND your emotions, rather than THROUGH them? For most people struggling with emotional and binge eating, they never learned the skill of walking through difficult emotions. Thus, food became a tool to help avoid and shut down emotions, leaving them caught in the vicious cycle of needing more and more food to deal with more and more emotions that pile up inside.

In this recent episode of WeighOut Wednesday, our co-founder, Dr. Ashley Southard, explores this very important issue that plagues nearly all people affected by emotional eating, binge eating, and compulsive overeating. She discusses how you may have learned to go around your emotions, and what you can start doing today to begin going through your emotions in a healthy “weigh.”

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*This is a general information channel directed toward providing education and inspiration to those seeking a more positive emotional and behavioral quality to their life. Questions will be answered in general terms, from a psychoeducational perspective. While Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley are a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist, respectively, submitting a question and/or having your questioned answered by Dr. Julie or Dr. Ashley on this channel does not constitute entering into a formal therapeutic treatment relationship. Formal therapeutic clients who are engaged in a contractual treatment relationship with Dr. Julie or Dr. Ashley are kindly asked to refrain from submitting questions.