Grace Brooks, MA, LISAC, LPC

Clinical Therapist


Grace Brooks, MA, LISAC, LPC has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 20 years. She began her journey as a substance abuse counselor and added specialties such as EMDR (Level II certified), Somatic Experiencing, Inner Child / Re-Parenting work, etc. as she traveled her path of discovery to help others. Grace specialized in childhood emotional and physical trauma resolution in graduate school under the tutelage of Marilyn Murray, learning the Murray Method.

She began working with clients in outpatient treatment in 2000. Grace then traveled to The Meadows, a world-renowned inpatient treatment center for chemical addictions. There, Grace worked as a primary therapist training with addiction and trauma from birth to 17. At The Meadows, Grace specialized in group work and enjoyed an exceptional career for 13 years. Grace then had the honor of training with Pia Mellody, a recognized leader in trauma resolution. In 2007, Grace transitioned from primary therapist to trauma specialist, working to train staff and continued her trauma-based work, now with eating disorder patients at Remuda Ranch, an inpatient treatment center owned by The Meadows. At Remuda Ranch, Grace worked with individuals struggling to overcome their eating disorder, and enjoyed helping them with unresolved trauma and early emotional deprivation that contributed to their eating disorders.

Subsequent to Remuda Ranch, Grace was asked to facilitate The Meadows Survivors Workshops, which are weeklong intensives for trauma healing. In addition to Survivors Workshops, Grace has facilitated “Love Addiction and Love Avoidant,” an intensive based on Pia Melody’s book, “Facing Love with Addiction,” which deals with relationship issues. Grace is thrilled to now be an esteemed member of A New Beginning, where she will bring her abundance of expertise to those seeking a way out of their self-defeating relationship and behavioral patterns to find joy and happiness in their lives.