Terri Hay

Certified Personal Trainer

You matter, your story matters. How and why you started this journey matters.

My story matters, too. It might help explain my presence here and my passion for fitness. It is a delight for me to come alongside and help someone who struggles with his or her fitness or just needs help in making meaningful improvements in their health. Being an encouragement and a support is a pleasure for me. It is my sincere belief that people can find a fitness routine that challenges them and that they can sustain and make part of their lifestyle.

I grew up in a home where my mother was very ill with both physical and mental ailments.

As a child, medical emergencies and hospital visits were a normal event. They always hurt, but they were normal. When you are not healthy, your family, your loved ones, and your friends suffer. As a child, I suffered because I did not understand and felt helpless. I wondered, “Why was our life so different and so difficult?” I also remember and am thankful to have had others who offered words of encouragement and helping hands.

College was a meaningful time for me. It was a challenge and provided the opportunity for growth and fun. My husband and I met in college and were married shortly after I graduated from Northern Arizona University. In June of 1988 I began a career in the insurance industry. Working in the business world was challenging and interesting. Eventually I gave it up to stay at home with my 3 children, which was incredibly rewarding. My husband started his own insurance brokerage in 2000 and I have been part of the growth of his company. I am currently a licensed Realtor and enjoy helping people in a very personal way with the sale or a purchase of their home. I also purchase, renovate, and sell investment properties.

Several years ago my passion for fitness was reignited through a local personal training gym.

I became a Certified Personal Trainer and my passion to be physically fit and to help people get healthy came alive. During this time I began pursuing my own fitness goals, which included running and cycling in racing events. I also began working part time as a fitness trainer to help people make meaningful changes in their life. I love helping clients find confidence and a sense of accomplishment in their fitness routine. This is a small part of my work schedule but occupies a huge portion of my heart.

My husband Craig and I enjoy an active lifestyle. We have three grown children, two who are still in college. This year we experienced the joy of becoming grandparents. My family is very active and has been supportive of my passion for racing and fitness. Often my friends or family will come to my races with signs or dressed in fun outfits and are there to cheer me on. I also enjoy traveling with my friends and teammates to do racing events. When I cross a finish line at a race, I am usually smiling; I may be tired, but I am full of joy and have a sense of accomplishment. It is wonderful to have my friends or family there to share these moments. I believe I have modeled the pursuit of fitness, the joy of competition, and a balanced lifestyle to clients, as well as friends and family. This is important to me.

When you meet with me for a movement session, you will find me smiling. I am delighted to help you gain strength and recover your physical health. Along the way, I know you will learn to overcome other obstacles as you find your own healthy “weigh” out.