Circle of HOPE ~ Membership Perks

We’ve created a really affordable, easily accessible, PRIVATE online forum where it’s EASY to receive state-of-the-art education and encouragement within a community of support, that will lift you up and help you to grow as you work on successfully overcoming emotional eating and binge eating behavior.


Membership in our Online Educational Community includes ALL of the following:

  • LIVE access to Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley through their weekly 45-minute educational VideoCast, “The Deeper Work.”  Every week, the Doctors discuss topical themes relevant to emotional and binge eating recovery (e.g., history of trauma/abuse, living from False Self, emotional sensitivity) and answer members’ specific questions. Members are invited to join in on the conversations, and recordings of all past VideoCasts are always available to watch whenever you want.
  • LIVE access to Emotional Eating Specialist and Certified Diabetes Educator, Amy Reynolds, RD, CDE, through her weekly 30-minute educational VideoCast, “Chew On This.” Every week, Amy discusses nutritional themes relevant to emotional and binge eating recovery (e.g., dieting, BMI, wellness culture) and answers members’ specific questions. Members are invited to join in on the conversations, and recordings of all past VideoCasts are always available to watch whenever you want.
  • Dr. Julie’s personable video series, “Mission Monday,” offering you gentle “nudges” of encouragement to do a new emotional or psychological piece of work within yourSelf that can support the Full Recovery process. Recordings of all past Mission Mondays are always available to watch whenever you want.

  • Dr. Ashley’s fun video series, “Recovery Hacks,” offering you quick tips and “tricks” to make your emotional eating recovery process easier. Recordings of all past Recovery Hacks are always available to watch whenever you want.

  • Frequent posts from Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley that offer education and inspiration, designed to lift you up and move you forward in your journey toward understanding and change.  Think: Tiny Win Wednesday & Frustrating Friday 🙂

  • Connection with Members vis-à-vis heartfelt sharing of the highs and lows of struggling with Emotional and Binge Eating. Our members are some of the most compassionate people who offer loving, non-judgmental support to each other. Of course, interaction with members is completely optional and never expected or required.

Learn About the Not-So-Obvious “Hidden Pieces” That Create & Maintain Emotional & Binge Eating

Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley credit their professional success and international following to their unique approach that effectively helps you “connect-the-dots” between your oftentimes frustrating and CONFUSING eating behavior (we know you really do want to eat “normally”), and the underlying “hidden pieces” that are frequently related to emotional, relational, and/or trauma issues that are unconsciously being “managed” through your relationship with food.

This is what we call, “The Deeper Work.”

Through awareness, education, and encouragement, it IS possible to develop a healthy relationship with food! But first, it’s necessary to understand the “hidden pieces” that can give rise to your seemingly unrelated compulsion to overeat.

Here’s a brief sample of the many topics Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley tackle in their weekly VideoCasts:

Vulnerability – We all want closeness, and we all fear closeness! Especially, if you have been wounded by people in your past. We discuss how approaching Life in an emotionally guarded manner can lead to feeling alone, misunderstood, not cared for, not loved (or lovable), or resentful toward others… making food a “safe” and reliable best friend. And, more importantly, we share what you can do to change that.

Living Life in a Passive vs. Empowered Manner – Do you speak up for your Self? Let others know your needs? Express hurt feelings when they occur in interpersonal relationships?  Many times, when you do not express your true feelings, it makes you feel a lack of control in your life or a lack of value within your Self.  This can lead to feelings of hurt, frustration, resentment, or the desire to retreat from others…  leading to the use of food as a means to comfort your Self, cope, or “stuff” hurt or painful feelings.

Fear of Feeling – Did you grow up in a family where it was not emotionally or physically safe to express your feelings?  Were you ridiculed for sharing delicate parts of your Self?  Or, was there SO much anger, physical violence, or emotional rejection in your home environment, that you learned how to thwart your feelings as a means to survive…  making you an Adult who is completely disconnected from your Self, and your Emotions?  If so, you are NOT alone and you likely have absolutely no idea why you are overeating. This can make it really frustrating when you are asked, “What are you feeling when you reach for food?”

Fear of Intimacy – Many times, past traumatic experiences, in which you’ve been betrayed, abused, neglected, or significantly hurt, make it overwhelming or scary (at best) to fathom getting close to and trusting others in adulthood. Yet, as human beings, we are literally neurologically hard-wired to want close connection with people. This underlying push-pull can unconsciously drive you toward food, which can feel like a safe replacement that provides emotional and physical comfort, soothing, and satisfaction…without the risk of rejection, betrayal, or hurt.

Shame – Typically, people who struggle with emotional overeating feel an abundance of shame; shame for their emotions and needs, shame for their Body or weight, shame for their Self.  This can be misunderstood as related solely to food-related behaviors, when oftentimes the experience of shame is related to earlier, underlying feelings about your value or your Self, which were created long before your eating behavior became problematic. In a gentle, empathic and compassionate manner, we explore this important topic throughout our VideoCasts, as it is a cornerstone issue to the building of Full Recovery.

Intuitive Eating – Quieting all of the diet and exercise “noise” in your head and returning to what feels right in YOUR mind, body, and soul is truly at the heart of crafting a peaceful and enjoyable relationship with food…otherwise known as Intuitive Eating. This way of relating to food, eating, and your body will feel starnge at first (maybe even impossible), but with the wisdom and compassionate support from our Intuitive Eating guru, Amy Reynolds, RD, CDE, you can learn how to let go of diets and trust your Body.

Curious what a VideoCast is like? Think Video + Podcast = Meaningful Education & Conversation that has the power to change your life forever. Here’s a sample of two of our VideoCasts. The first video is a segment from our discussion about Narcissistic Family Systems & Binge Eating, and the second video is a segment from a member-driven Q&A episode.

We’ve also included a sample of Dr. Julie’s Mission Monday and Dr. Ashley’s Recovery Hacks Saturday. In this episode of “Mission Monday,” Dr. Julie provides members with a safe, encouraging video prompt related to the previous weeks’ VideoCast that helps you move gently forward in your process of change.

In this episode of “Recovery Hacks,” Dr. Ashley provides members with extremely helpful emotional eating recovery tips & skills in this straight-forward, personal video series.


To watch more video clips from our weekly VideoCasts, check out our YouTube Channel: Online Educational Community Playlist


Two Levels of Membership

You’re welcome to join as a Monthly or Annual member. Regardless of your membership, you will have access to ALL of the video archives, members’ posts, and upcoming videos. Annual members save about 3 months worth of membership, so if you think this might be helpful, we definitely encourage you to save some cash and join for the year. However, if you’d like to sample it and see if this is something that might be helpful for you, join for a month. You can always upgrade to an annual membership later if you want.

We want everyone to have access to our “The Deeper Work” material!  Therefore, a membership is priced at the affordable rate of only $29.99/month.

There are no commitments, no contracts, and no gimmicks.  Just an ABUNDANCE of education and a community of support that we KNOW will change your Life, and your relationship with food!