Our Emotional & Binge Eating Weight Loss Program Works!

At TheHealthyWeighOut, we are proud of the amazing outcomes our participants are able to achieve as a result of their active participation in our 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Program. To ensure that our program is effective at truly helping people overcome emotional and binge eating and to achieve their wellness goals, TheHealthyWeighOut measures our participants’ emotional, nutritional, and physical health before, during, and after their participation in our program.

Prior to beginning the program, each participant completes self-report assessments that measure various aspects of their emotional and physical health. 

Throughout the program, participants complete a brief, weekly assessment that measures overall health and well-being.

Finally, upon completion of the 6-week program, participants are once again invited to complete the same self-report assessments, so that pre- and post-program scores can be compared.

Proven Results that Decrease Emotional and Binge Eating

To date, we are very pleased to report that the majority of  participants who complete our program show considerable progress in many areas of their emotional, nutritional, and physical health.

Shortly after beginning the program, participants report improved sleep, increased energy, and a greater sense of overall happiness and hopefulness.

Binge Eating Behavior

Prior to beginning the program, most participants score in the ‘severe’ bingeing category. Upon completion of the program, the majority of binge eating scores are drastically reduced to ‘none.’

Weight Loss

For the majority of our participants, healthy weight loss is successfully begun as a result of participating in our program. Furthermore, because of their newfound knowledge about how to appropriately nourish their bodies, exercise in ways that work well for their bodies, and resolve emotional distress without the (mis)use of food, participants are able to continue their weight loss process successfully after the program ends.


Pre-program scores about body image reveal the majority of participants have ‘significant concern with [their] shape.’ Upon completion of the program, scores reveal ‘mild’ to ‘no concern’ regarding body shape.

Intuitive Eating

Participants’ pre-program scores showed limited ability to eat a wide variety of foods, to eat for physical rather than emotional reasons, or to rely on internal hunger/satiety cues. However, after completing our program, intuitive eating scores dramatically increased, with participants reporting a greater ability to eat all foods in response to physical, not emotional, hunger.

Depression and Anxiety

Both depression and anxiety scores are reduced, such that reported symptoms upon completion of the program are considered ‘normal fluctuations in mood.’

Improved Sleep, Energy, & Well-Being

Throughout the program, participants report improved ability to fall asleep and sleep well through the night, increased energy levels, and a greater sense of overall happiness and hopefulness.


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