Circle of HOPE ~ FAQs

We understand that making the decision to join our global virtual community, Circle of HOPE, can be a big one. To help you out, we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about our Community. If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us below and we’ll be happy to help you out!


I’m not very tech-savvy. Is Circle of HOPE easy to use?
Please don’t be intimidated by the technology. It’s actually quite easy to navigate and we have a Technology “How-To” document ready for you when you join, which walks you through exactly how to use the website and app. Like anything new, it takes a bit of time and practice to figure it all out, but once you do we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to find and access everything. The wonderful thing about our Community is you can access it 24/7 on your computer and smartphone, so it’s always available to you.


Do I have to actively participate in the community, or can I just quietly learn without participating?
Your level of participation is completely up to you. It is perfectly fine to take advantage of all the amazing educational resources available without ever interacting with us or any of the other members.


What’s included in a monthly membership?
As a member, you get UNLIMITED access to the COMPLETE video archives, which includes over 300 educational videos. You can log in and watch these anytime, anywhere. 


Who can join Circle of HOPE?
This community is for men and women over the age of 18 who are seeking education about the hidden pieces that create and drive the need for emotional and binge eating. This is a global community and we welcome and embrace people from all walks of life.


I have a very busy life. Can I watch or listen to the videos when it’s convenient for me?
Absolutely. You can watch or listen anytime that works for you. Think of the recordings like podcast episodes, available whenever you’re ready.


Is this a weight loss group?
No. While some of our members may have personal goals of losing weight, Circle of HOPE is not a space to share or seek weight loss advice, dieting “tricks,” or before and after photos.

We do, however, encourage members to converse about a wide range of emotional eating topics that are important and meaningful to them, one of which tends to be weight loss and related body image struggles. However, in true Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley form, we transform these conversations of weight and body into our signature “The Deeper Work” style, helping our members explore the hidden psychological and emotional pieces that are often tangled up in their relationship with food, weight, and body.


Circle of HOPE is a supportive and non-judgmental community that invites people of all body sizes and personal health goals.

Ready to Join!


Have a question not answered here? No problem!
Simply contact us below and we’ll be happy to help you out.