Destination Retreats

Request a Destination Retreat

We hear from people around the world who are hungry to learn about our signature approach to Full Recovery ~ what we call “The Deeper Work” ~ that IS the missing piece of the FULL recovery puzzle.

And while our Global Virtual Community ~ Circle of HOPE and our highly popular YouTube Channel are amazing sources of worldwide education and inspiration, nothing quite compares to an in-person retreat in which you get to learn about the “hidden pieces” creating and driving emotional and binge eating alongside our passionate and masterful Co-Founders, Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley.

If an in-person, multi-day retreat is just what you’re wanting, please let us know! If we get enough interest for a particular location, we will get to work putting together an outstanding, life-changing event.

Please note, expressing interest in a retreat does not obligate you to enroll in a future retreat, nor does it guarantee registration if/when a future retreat is announced. What it does do, however, is help us know where our next international travels may take us 🙂