Flexible Payment Options

A One-Time Investment for a Lifetime Return

Not only is our 6-week Emotional & Binge Eating Program life-changing, it’s also affordable! With program services as low as $52/hour, we strive to make our program financially accessible for most everyone, without compromising quality. If you would like more information about specific prices for our various services, please contact us via phone or email and we will gladly provide that information. 


Flexible Payment Options

We know that being able to engage in quality treatment can oftentimes be financially challenging.  Thus, we offer the following flexible payment plans and programs for individuals who are prohibited by cost. We are confident these solutions make joining our program both feasible and free of financial stress!

1.  Insurance

Fortunately, many of our participants are able to utilize their out-of-network medical and behavioral health insurance benefits to cover the cost of the nutritional and emotional services! Upon completion of your program, we will provide you with an insurance-friendly superbill that lists all of the services you completed and the total cost paid for those services. You will be able to submit this superbill to your insurance company and, depending on their benefits, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement for a percentage of the program cost.*

*All insurance policies vary per company.  We encourage prospective participants to check with their individual insurance carrier prior to beginning their program to ensure coverage.

2.  Our Interest-Free Extended Payment Plan

We are happy to establish an interest-free payment plan through our program, in which payment in full is not due until the last day of your session (2+ months after the date of enrollment). To facilitate this, we kindly ask that you make prearranged regular payments throughout the course of the 6 weeks, with the option to pay off the remaining balance up until the final day of your program.

3.  My Treatment Lender

We are thrilled to be partnered with My Treatment Lender to provide our participants with affordable financing options, so that they can receive high-quality treatment without the stress of wondering how to pay for services. My Treatment Lender is a local boutique lending company with a heart for helping others and who specializes in financing for people seeking treatment. Loans range from $1,000 – $100,000 depending on your credit, and may be used to pay for any of your treatment services.





TheHealthyWeighOut Money Back Guarantee!

SO confident that our groundbreaking 6-week Emotional & Binge Eating Program will change the manner in which you think about food, interact with food, and behave in relationship with food, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to anyone who, upon full completion of our 6-Week Emotional & Binge Eating Program* is not satisfied with what they’ve learned or their experience of our innovative 6-week program.

We believe so deeply in the concepts outlined in our program and have such a great commitment to helping those who struggle with overeating, emotional eating, binge eating disorder, and chronic struggles with weight, that we are willing to make this offer of reassurance that our program WILL make a difference in your life! 

*This satisfaction guarantee is offered to those participants who join at the “Jump Start” level of programming, and who have been fully committed to ALL aspects of their 6-week program. Additional requirements apply.  A full list of Money Back Guarantee Guidelines are made available upon request.  Prospective participants are encouraged to comprehensively review our Money Back Guarantee Guidelines before beginning the program.


You’ve got nothing to lose except your love-hate relationship with food!