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Thank you for considering TheHealthyWeighOut to help you find a whole new level of true “Lasting Freedom from Food.” Whether you have been referred to us by a physician, friend, family member, therapist, or internet search, we are honored to be entrusted with such an important personal goal of yours. And we are confident that our signature approach ~ The Deeper Work ~ will bring you the internal peace and confidence you’ve been craving for decades.

If you are ready to join our global virtual community, Circle of HOPE:

  1. Sign up online at:
  2. Click “Choose Plan” to sign up
  3. Select a monthly membership for $29.99/month or annual membership for $279.99/year
  4. Upon joining, you will have immediate access to all educational materials
  5. Navigate to the “Welcome” section in Discovery for a series of documents explaining how the community works and where to access all of the educational videos

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to sign up!


If you are ready to sign up for a Workshop:

  1. Review the dates of upcoming workshops and decide which one(s) work best with your schedule.
  2. Register online for the workshop(s) you would like to participate in. You can enroll in just Workshop #1 and decide later if you’d like to complete Workshops #2 and #3. Or, you can bundle and save by enrolling in all 3 workshops up front.
  3. Upon registering for a workshop, you will receive a registration packet from our Client Care Coordinator, Jessica, via email. Please complete the packet and return via mail or fax.

You’re all set! A few days prior to your workshop, you will receive a welcome email with information about what to expect, daily schedule, etc.


If you are ready to begin individual psychotherapy / nutrition therapy:

  1. Learn more about the psychotherapy and nutrition therapy services offered at our Scottsdale, AZ treatment center, A New Beginning.
  2. Contact our Client Care Coordinator, Jessica, to schedule your one-on-one services. She can be reached, Monday through Friday, at (480) 941-6999 or
  3. Complete the registration pack provided to you by Jessica, and bring with you to your first one-on-one appointment.


As a member of TheHealthyWeighOut, you will be supported throughout your treatment process and welcomed into our safe community of like-minded, like-bodied individuals dedicated to sustainable, healthy change. Whatever manner you decide to engage in our services, we look forward to YOU being our next happy, success story!