Getting Started

A Personal Message of HOPE from Drs. Julie & Ashley

Thank you for putting your vulnerable trust and tender HOPE in our experienced hands. We PROMISE we will work alongside you, to provide you with the education, encouragement and support you need to make attaining FULL and lasting recovery possible!

You have already taken the most important, all imperative, first step… you are here! THAT takes courage and willingness to try yet again to reach the quality of happiness, health and Life you are wanting. We call that motivation and “grit.” Imperative qualities that you obviously have!

Now, simply decide which of our life-changing services will support you best.

Know that nothing is carved in stone. You can start with a video program in the quiet of your home, or join our Circle of HOPE community for support. If you need one-on-one guidance, schedule a consultation. Or, begin a deeper dive into individual therapy with one of our skilled and kind clinicians.

Either way, you have decided to START your HEALING journey of change.  And, we are glad that you are here!   ~~ Drs. Julie & Ashley

Review our services here, or send us an email at [email protected].