Are You Struggling With Emotional or Binge Eating?

Emotional Eating Quiz

Emotional Eating, Compulsive Overeating, & Binge Eating Disorder Quiz

Emotional eating, compulsive overeating and/or binge eating is an incredibly frustrating and painful experience, and is the single most influential factor associated with chronic issues with weight gain and inability to lose weight. Even when you feel highly motivated to “get it under control,” chronic overeating can be very difficult to overcome. Despite your best laid plans to eat healthy, control your portions, and distract yourself from thoughts of food, you may find that the urge to overeat is so strong that it overpowers any goals or intentions you may have had.

What is Emotional Eating and/or Binge Eating Behavior?

Emotional and binge eating are different forms of chronic overeating, in which you are eating for reasons other than physical hunger. You are eating when your body does not need, or even want, more food; yet something in you feels the need to eat anyway. You may experience a battle in your mind – one part of you is desperately wanting to eat healthy and take care of your body, while another part just wants to eat the food regardless of the later consequences or regret you will likely experience.

If you struggle with this very common form of problematic eating, you may have experienced some or all of the following:

  • Difficulty controlling the urge to overeat, even when you so desperately want to
  • Using food as a primary way to cope with or numb out difficult emotions
  • Using food as a primary way to calm down, decompress from a long day, or “treat” yourself
  • Turning to food as a primary means to celebrate all aspects of life; from holidays, to work promotions, to birthdays
  • Feeling embarrassed or ashamed of how much you eat, how fast you eat, when you eat, etc.

If you are an Emotional Overeater or Binge Eater, learning how your EMOTIONS may be influencing your overeating behavior is a necessary first step when working to achieve long-term, sustainable changes to your eating behaviors and physical health.

Curious to learn more about Emotional and Binge Eating? Take the quiz below to see how your behaviors may be affecting you:

Binge Eating Scale

1. Below are groups of statements about behaviors, thoughts, and emotional states. Please indicate which statement in each group best describes how you feel.





6. After eating too much:











BES Reference: Gormally, J., Black, S., Daston, S., Rardin, D. (1982). The assessment of binge eating severity among obese persons. Addictive Behavior, 7(1), 47-55.

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