Our Expert Specialists

Experienced.  Non-Judgmental.  Skilled.   Supportive.

We are proud to introduce TheHealthyWeighOut’s  acclaimed team of emotional eating and weight management specialists. Most services within TheHealthyWeighOut are delivered by the esteemed professionals at TheHealthyWeighOut’s parent company, A New Beginning. Highly regarded as one of the top psychological teams in Arizona, and well-known throughout the field of eating disorders, each seasoned clinician at TheHealthyWeighOut / A New Beginning is specialized in the multi-faceted treatment of emotional eating, binge eating disorder, night eating syndrome, healthy weight management and the full spectrum of eating disorders.

Our team also works extensively with the full spectrum of emotional issues that can underlie compulsive overeating, emotional eating, night eating syndrome, and binge eating behavior. These issues include depression, anxiety, OCD, low self-esteem, abuse/neglect, relationship issues, and trauma.

Hand-picked not only for their expertise in the area of emotional eating and healthy weight management, but perhaps even more importantly, their personal qualities of compassion, commitment and dedication to helping each and every one of our clients succeed in creating the happy, fulfilling, healthy life they desire, we are very proud of our team of specialists!

We know that the decision to begin working on such personal issues as your Emotional, Nutritional, and/or Physical fitness health is a most vulnerable and important step. That’s why every trustworthy member of our team has a heart of gold and an even bigger desire to help you gently, but effectively, find your TheHealthyWeighOut.

We look forward to meeting you!