Recognizing the Necessity of Movement for a Healthy Body, Weight & Self 

Movement feels good, it’s healthy, and makes you feel SO much better, mentally, physically and emotionally.  

Research consistently shows that regular exercise is correlated with improved mood, decreased depression and an overall feeling of peace and well-being.

And, recent studies have found that individuals who are significantly overweight and who engage in consistent moderate exercise, are more likely to lose weight and have a greater chance of keeping the weight off if they exercise.

Why-oh-why then, is it SO hard to get to the gym!?!

When did “exercise” become a four-letter word?

At TheHealthyWeighOut, we know how difficult it can be to start a physical activity process, especially if you are overweight. Physical limitations, weight-related fatigue and past experiences with negative judgments from others in traditional gym settings are all sad realities frequently mentioned by our overweight clients who may desire engaging in a movement or exercise program, but have instead opted to stay home due to feeling uncomfortable or “ashamed.”

Yet, as seasoned emotional eating and weight management specialists, we know that a physical activity component is a necessary, essential part of a successful weight loss process and has the added benefit of increasing our clients’ self-confidence and self-esteem, and helps to create a more positive body image in both men and women!

Creating a Non-Judgmental “Body Safe” PRIVATE Studio to get re-acquainted with Movement

HWO Studio

With an awareness of just how difficult it is for our overweight, obese and morbidly obese clients to take the vulnerable step toward beginning their exercise program, TheHealthyWeighOut team felt it absolutely imperative to set the stage for our clients to have a positive, healing and encouraging exercise experience.

As a result, TheHealthyWeighOut has taken great joy in creating our unique, uplifting and respectful Intuitive Exercise Studio where clients feel safe to get re-acquainted with their body — and to engage in exercise that is enjoyable, creative and fun!

A zen-like, beautiful and PRIVATE exercise studio that is lovingly free of judgment and full of encouraging support, you’ll work one-on-one with our Health Fitness Specialists, Marta Malloy, MS or Terri Hay in a manner that is gentle and non-excessive (yet effective!) and that helps you to successfully meet your healthy weight loss goals.

When did “exercise” become a four-letter word?  (Part II!)

Yet another barrier that we at TheHealthyweighOut recognized stopped our clients from engaging in a healthy movement routine, is the fact that exercise may have come to be viewed as a negative, aversive experience due to a multitude of past experiences.

Sometimes clients come in having had an excessive past relationship with exercise.  They were compulsive or driven by the desire to lose weight too quickly and they “burned out” on exercise as a result. Other times, clients report having had past experiences with overly aggressive trainers or gyms that pushed them too hard, leading to chronically sore muscles, fatigue, or injury.  Sometimes, clients tell us that they are “bored” by the redundancy of typical exercise routines and would rather do nothing than walk one more mile on the treadmill!

At TheHealthyWeighOut, we wholeheartedly believe that when the Physical component of your 3-pronged approach to successful weight loss is approached in a manner that is enjoyable, interesting, creative and respectful of your current physical abilities and health, individuals are able to engage in consistent physical activity that supports successful achievement of your weight loss goals, and helps you to sustain that weight loss, for life!

Intuitive Exercise:  TheHealthyWeighOut’s Creative, Enjoyable & Balanced Approach to Physical Activity

TheHealthyWeighOut is proud to embrace an innovative, creative approach to physical activity that we developed to help our clients move past their barriers to exercise, and to help them come to love healthy MOVEMENT once again!

We call our creative, enjoyable approach to physical activity,  “Intuitive Exercise.”  

What IS “Intuitive Exercise?”

Intuitive exercise is engaging in physical activity that meets your body’s physical needs and, therefore, is experienced as enjoyable.  Rather than “telling yourself” you “have” to do a certain activity, intuitive exercisers ask themselves, “What do I feel like doing today?”  This might be walking around the park on a beautiful Tuesday, and running around the block on a Friday.  It might be training hard in the studio to get out stress on a Wednesday, and taking a walk with a dear friend on a Thursday.

Similar to “Intuitive Eating,” which encourages people to eat foods that are both nutritious and enjoyable, intuitive exercise is based on the principles of engaging in movement that is both good for you and enjoyable!

Examples of Intuitive Exercise may include:

  • Man stretchingWalking around a park with your kids as they ride their bikes
  • Dancing to music that you enjoy
  • Hiking in the mountains during the spring
  • Swimming
  • Running alongside your dog at sunset

Rather than rigidly focusing on the number of calories burned, heartbeats per minute, or average speed run, intuitive exercisers seek out physical activities that help them to feel strong, confident, and proud of their bodies. Furthermore, intuitive exercisers allow their bodies to rest, especially on days when they don’t feel physically well.

Even more “traditional” aerobic gym activity can be “intuitive” if it is done in response to your body’s own personal needs and signals. Examples of this may include:

  • Riding a stationary bike to release stress
  • Walking fast on a treadmill to train for a personal goal of jogging in a 5k event
  • Engaging in strength training because it makes you feel strong and builds your confidence

Research consistently shows that when people establish an Intuitive Exercise routine which, by definition, is moderate, flexible, and enjoyable, they are far more likely to maintain a long-term commitment to exercise and to achieve healthy sustainable weight loss!

Our Compassionate Health Fitness Specialists

MartaTerriTheHealthyWeighOut’s empathetic Intuitive Exercise specialists, Marta Malloy and Terri Hay, love to (gently!) re-introduce our clients to physical activity that is creative, effective, and fun using our “Intuitive Exercise” approach!



If you are hesitant to start making the changes you want because of past experiences with exercise that were negative, come give our Intuitive Exercise approach a try.  We guarantee you will walk away with a smile on your face, and a body that has enjoyed moving!