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Question: Which diet will give me the best chance at succeeding with my New Years weight lose resolution? Answer: Have you seen all the commercials touting weight loss lately? Weight Watcher’s just unveiled their new “More than a Scale” campaign, Medifast stepped up their “Lose Big, Save Big” meal replacement program, and Kirstie Alley…(Read More)

Having trouble determining if your hunger is physical or emotional? This can be challenging for all of us at times. A helpful way to figure this out is to ask yourself if you’re hungry enough to eat an apple. Apples are a neutral food that most people enjoy when hungry, but wouldn’t necessarily…(Read More)

  We all enter this world as a beautiful, unshaped, and wonderfully open spirit. A blank screen of sorts, emotionally unaffected by prior experiences and with a liberating absence of preconceived notions, we know no limits to our personal potential, value – or worth. For those of us who are told (and shown!) that we…(Read More)

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