“The Deeper Work” for Emotional Healing

Our Signature Approach to Psychological FULL Recovery from Emotional & Binge Eating

Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley, the co-founders of TheHealthyWeighOut, credit their professional success and international following to their unique approach that effectively helps you “connect-the-dots” between your oftentimes frustrating and CONFUSING eating behavior (we know you really do want to eat “normally”), and the underlying psychological “hidden pieces” that are frequently related to emotional, relational, and/or trauma issues that are unconsciously being “managed” through your relationship with food.

This is what we call, “The Deeper Work.”

Through awareness, education, and encouragement, it IS possible to develop a healthy relationship with food! But first, it’s necessary to understand the not-so-obvious psychological and emotional pieces that can give rise to your seemingly unrelated compulsion to overeat.


Here are some examples of “The Deeper Work” issues that are often at the psychological “root” of a person’s compulsive NEED for food:

Vulnerability – We all want closeness, and we all fear closeness! Especially, if you have been wounded by people in your past. Approaching life in an emotionally guarded manner can lead to feeling alone, misunderstood, not cared for, not loved (or lovable), or resentful toward others… making food a “safe” and reliable best friend.

Passive vs. Empowered – Do you speak up for your Self? Let others know your needs? Express hurt feelings when they occur in interpersonal relationships?  Many times, when you do not express your true feelings, it makes you feel a lack of control in your life or a lack of value within your Self.  This can lead to feelings of hurt, frustration, resentment, or the desire to retreat from others…  leading to the use of food as a means to comfort your Self, cope, or “stuff” hurt or painful feelings.

Fear of Feeling – Did you grow up in a family where it was not emotionally or physically safe to express your feelings?  Were you ridiculed for sharing delicate parts of your Self?  Or, was there SO much anger, physical violence, or emotional rejection in your home environment, that you learned how to thwart your feelings as a means to survive…  making you an Adult who is completely disconnected from your Self, and your Emotions?  If so, you are NOT alone and you likely have absolutely no idea why you are overeating. This can make it really frustrating when you are asked, “What are you feeling when you reach for food?”

Fear of Intimacy – Many times, past traumatic experiences in which you’ve been betrayed, abused, neglected, or significantly hurt make it overwhelming or scary (at best) to fathom getting close to and trusting others in adulthood. Yet, as human beings, we are literally neurologically hard-wired to want close connection with people. This underlying push-pull can unconsciously drive you toward food, which can feel like a safe replacement that provides emotional and physical comfort, soothing, and satisfaction…without the risk of rejection, betrayal, or hurt.

Shame – Typically, people who struggle with emotional overeating feel an abundance of shame; shame for their emotions and needs, shame for their Body or weight, shame for their Self.  This can be misunderstood as related solely to food-related behaviors, when oftentimes the experience of shame is related to earlier, underlying feelings about your value or your Self, which were created long before your eating behavior became problematic. In a gentle, empathic and compassionate manner, we explore this important topic throughout our VideoCasts, as it is a cornerstone issue to the building of Full Recovery.


There is HOPE, You Can Heal!

We know how difficult it can be to TRUST and to HOPE, once again, that someone will introduce you to something that will truly help you to transform long-standing behavior that oftentimes makes you feel shameful, out of control, “weak,” like “something’s wrong with me,” or hopeless. Because you’ve tried so many things already, we know it feels risky to get your hopes up and believe that we’ll have anything new or different to offer.

But we do! Our unique approach of making sense out of why your psyche needs food to emotionally and psychologically survive is the key that unlocks your struggles with food, body, and Self. We get to the heart of the matter by helping you identify ~ and resolve ~ core emotions, beliefs, and past experiences that you may not even know are there. Our approach will bring you fulfilling and lifelong change. 

Thank you for trusting us with your vulnerable Self.  We look forward to gently guiding you into the peaceful and confiden life you have ALWAYS deserved! <3


How to do “The Deeper Work” with us.

We proudly offer three distinct and complementary ways to do your personal “deeper work” with our team of expert professionals.  Choose one, two, or all three options to support your journey into Full & Lasting Recovery.

First, our global virtual community, Circle of HOPE, is a unique online space offering our members from around the world the education and support needed to explore their own emotional and psychological “roots” of emotional and binge eating. Each week, Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley (the co-hosts of the Community), go LIVE in their weekly VideoCast titled, “The Deeper Work.” In these video episodes, they discuss all kinds of emotional and psychological issues that tend to be at the heart of the psyche’s compulsive need for food, such as family-of-origin dysfunction, emotional sensitivity, inner child work, and trauma and abuse (just to name a few). For just $29.99/month, you will have access to this life-changing approach that will help guide you through your own personal journey to Full Recovery…from the inside out!

Second, our 2-day workshops offered at our outpatient treatment center in Scottsdale, AZ provide a structured educational approach to exploring the foundational emotional pieces necessary for doing your personal “deeper work.” In these workshops, participants learn how their feelings and their compulsive need for food are deeply interconnected; education and discussions center around family-of-origin experiences with feelings, emotional “hard-wiring” and neurology, a fear of feeling emotions, and the soulful re-connection with Self that is at the heart of Full Recovery.

Third, our team of Emotional & Binge Eating expert professionals proudly offer individual therapy where you can explore your very personal “deeper work” with a trusted professional who understands the emotional and psychological components that create and maintain your psyche’s need for food. We offer both in-person and virtual therapy services to anyone residing in Arizona. To learn more about our comprehensive therapeutic services, please check out our premier outpatient treatment center, A New Beginning (the parent company of TheHealthyWeighOut).


Want a taste of our signature approach, “The Deeper Work”? Watch a clip from one of our VideoCasts in our global virtual community, Circle of HOPE, in which Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley discuss, “Vulnerability: Hiding Out With Food.”