“The Deeper Work” for FULL Emotional Eating Recovery

“The Deeper Work” ~ Our Signature Approach to FULL Recovery from Emotional & Binge Eating

Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley ~ “The Deeper Work” Doctors ~ credit their professional success and international following to their unique approach that effectively helps you “connect-the-dots” between your oftentimes frustrating and CONFUSING eating behavior, and the underlying “hidden pieces” that are related to your emotional, relational, and/or psychological issues that are unconsciously being “managed” through your relationship with food.

This is what we call, “The Deeper Work.”

Through awareness, education, and encouragement, it IS possible to develop a healthy relationship with food! But first, it’s necessary to understand the deeper layers of the not-so-obvious psychological and emotional roots that can give rise to your seemingly unrelated compulsion to overeat.


A Life-Changing Approach that Ends Binge Eating!

“The Deeper Work”:  7 Layers to create lasting change

What are the 7 LAYERS of “The Deeper Work?”

Each unfolding layer of “The Deeper Work” is instrumental to building a healthy relationship with food, body and Self.

Join us and we’ll help you develop a healthy relationship with your body, your emotions and your Self ~ from the inside-out!

Themes that we have found to be the foundation of helping you end binge eating for Life consist of the following “7 Layers of the Deeper Work”:

  1. Heal Old Diet Trauma & Embrace a No-Diet Approach
  2. Be Compassionate & Curious with Your Emotional Self
  3. Get Comfortable with Being Vulnerable
  4. Heal Your Dysfunctional Roots: The Gift of Re-Parenting
  5. Live From Your Real Self
  6. Lonely No More: Allow Emotional Intimacy with Others
  7.  Feed Your Soul – Often


It’s Easy!  How to do “The Deeper Work” with us

You can experience “The Deeper Work” through a multitude of personalized ~ and powerful ~ experiences.  Choose the avenue that feels most comfortable for you!

A.  Join our GLOBAL Online Community: Circle of HOPE

EXPERIENCE “The Deeper Work” in this innovative, GLOBAL web-based platform where you have access to Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley through weekly educational VideoCasts. Submit personalized questions to be answered by Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley, as well as enjoying education and Q and A VideoCasts with our emotional eating dietitian experts, Amy Reynolds, RD, Demi McGauley, RD, and Christina Caple, RD.

Receive an abundance of additional weekly supportive videos ~ think Dr. Julie’s  “Nudge of Encouragement” and Dr. Ashley’s “Recovery Hacks” ~  to help inspire you as you move through your week, working on emotional eating recovery and learning to love and value your Self.

Our members love connecting and sharing support with like-hearted Circle of HOPE members from all over the world who share common struggles and goals ~ in a safe and supportive educational community.


B.  Purchase our Helpful Video Programs!

Want to learn “The Deeper Work” from the comfort of your own home on your schedule? You may find our video bundles very helpful in your Full Recovery journey.


C.  Schedule a Personalized Consultation

Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley are proud to offer a one-time, one-on-one consultation to help you identify primary points that will help you be more effective when working on your personal “The Deeper Work” journey.

Consultations are a 1.5 hour “Deep Dive” into your personal history so as to learn what are the “hidden pieces” that are contributing to your personal struggle with food, body or Self.

During this one-on-one consultation, we’ll help you to connect-YOUR-dots and provide psycho-education regarding relevant points. If desired, we will then point you in the direction of exploring your own personal work with a therapist or related support in your geographic area.

Please note, consultations are not therapy sessions and do not constitute entering into a therapeutic relationship with Dr. Julie or Dr. Ashley.


D.  Engage in Psychotherapy

Engage in a personal therapeutic transformation working with our team of Emotional & Binge Eating experts. We offer both in-person and virtual therapy services to anyone residing in Arizona as well as states enacted under our PsyPact licensure capabilities.

These states include: Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

To learn more about our comprehensive therapeutic & nutritional services, please check out our innovative outpatient treatment center, A New Beginning.

E.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 

If you haven’t yet experienced our personal brand of uplifting, fun, education and support, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel: Eating Disorder Recovery for A New Beginning for snippets of our work.


Here’s a sample clip of the DEEPER innovative education you will receive.





“The Deeper Work of Intuitive Eating Principle #1” with Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley