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Putting yourself on a ‘DIET’ is like taking a kid into a candy store, and telling them not to eat. They can maintain the deprivation for only so long, and will break down and “sneak” something the minute you turn your back!  ~~ Drs. Julie & Ashley

You Don’t Fail Diets…Diets Fail You.

If you are like so many of our clients, you have probably tried every diet out there in search of the “answer” to your chronic overeating.

With so many diets and so few results, it is not unusual for people to come in feeling demoralized, shameful, and/or confused about their relationship with food.  You may be thinking there is something wrong with you, that your body must be “broken,” and that you’re a “failure” for, once again, not being able to conform to the latest diet.

Other times, contradictory advice about what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat has probably left you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Once again, feeling “humiliated” by your perceived inability to “control” your eating behavior through dieting.

We’ve created a way to control your food cravings and eliminate your emotional & binge eating that doesn’t include dieting…because YOU don’t fail diets. Diets fail you.  

“The Deeper Work” Nutrition Team

A Hopeful Solution:  Sustainable Change IS Possible!

It’s important to bring you back to the reasonable, successful foundational science of nutrition ~ what we know from science about how the body uses food to stay healthy and function at an optimal level. Forget about gimmicks, quick-fixes, and fad diets. 

Based on cutting-edge neuropsychological and biological research our dietitians are trained to empower you to understand your body’s nutritional needs so that you can become an informed and conscious (not deprived!) eater.


From Structure to Intuition

For most of our clients, restoring nutritional health first requires a structured, non-dieting approach to planning and executing meals. After years of yo-yo dieting, your body yearns for a predictable pattern of nourishment that will facilitate the replenishing of nutrients and ignite healthy metabolic functioning. Our dietitians help you establish a daily meal structure that consists of nutrients your body needs in foods that you enjoy.

With the continued practice of structured eating, your metabolism slowly “wakes up” and begins to naturally develop its own natural rhythm around food and eating ~ telling you what and when to eat. You are then ready to move to the next step, which is learning the fundamental principles of Intuitive Eating.


What is “Intuitive Eating?”  Intuitive eating is our end goal for all participants in our programs and is an approach to food and eating that will bring you emotional and nutritional RELIEF without ever having to diet again! ~~ Drs. Julie & Ashley

Intuitive Eating:  Where “Freedom from Food” is Found!

An effective alternative to crash diets, Intuitive Eating is a gentle, non-depriving, non-dieting approach to food that helps you to successfully stop problematic diet-overeat-diet-overeat eating cycles.

Intuitive Eating embraces the following key principles:

  • Diets are never the answer. They only set you up for eventual failure and frustration, and unwanted overeating.
  • Eat when your body is hungry, just as you put on a sweater when your body is cold.
  • Give yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods. “Bad” foods do not exist in Intuitive Eating.
  • Respect your body’s fullness. When you are nourished and satisfied, take a break from eating. You can always have more later.
  • When hungry commit to eating what sounds good, not what you think you “should” have or what is “healthy.”
  • Respect and embrace your body, no matter its size or shape.
  • Move your body when and how you want. Move because it feels good, not to burn or earn calories.
  • Define “health” as a satisfying and balanced combination of caring for your physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs.

From carrots to cupcakes, m & m’s to apples, intuitive eating is a healthy, moderate way of eating that creates space for all foods to exist in your life.  As a result, intuitive eaters experience minimal overeating, do not feel deprived or as if they are “missing out” on the special treats they love, and feel peacefully in control of their relationship with food.

It is our mission to support each client in breaking away from the chaotic dieting mentality and embracing the calm approach of Intuitive Eating. Learning to listen to and trust your body rather than some fad diet is a HUGE step towards sustainable recovery from emotional and binge eating.


Will Intuitive Eating Work for Me?

Yes! As your metabolic functioning is restored vis-a-vis structured eating, you will slowly be able to incorporate a more intuitive, flexible approach to eating that feels natural and easy.

It is important, however, to realize that the process of going from structured to intuitive eating will take time, especially if you’ve been a chronic dieter for decades. But don’t despair! Our creative dietitians, Amy Reynolds, RD, CDE,  Demi McGauley, RDN, CEDRD, and Christina Caple, MS, RD will help you establish an individualized plan that begins with structure and gently moves towards intuitive eating.

We are proud to be leading our nation in innovative, effective alternative approaches to old, ineffective dieting behaviors.

Our approach to developing a sustainable, life-long healthy relationship with food and your body will not only bring changes in your nutritional health, it will also decrease the shame and lack of confidence that all-too-often accompanies out-of-control emotional and binge eating behavior.


Individual Nutrition Services to Support Your Relationship with Food

If your past experiences with food have been dominated by endless cycles of dieting and bingeing, we strongly encourage you to consider individual nutrition therapy as a supplement to our educational Circle of HOPE community, video programs and emotional therapeutic services.

Mastering “Intuitive Eating” principles takes an extended period of time, especially if you have a been dieting for decades, have a significant amount of weight to lose, and/or if you have developed metabolic issues from years of yo-yo dieting.  One-on-one support will give you the support and direction you may need while on your journey towards finding lasting freedom from food!
The following is a brief list of the many Nutritional services offered for your support:
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Experiential sessions to practice intuitive eating, eating in restaurants, and/or grocery shopping
  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes education & self-management
  • Pre- and post-bariatric nutrition support

Ready for Your Individualized Nutrition Support?


For information on all of our nutrition therapy services, please contact our friendly (and informative!) Client Care Coordinator, Lauren.

Lauren will be happy to explore the many options that are available to you and will help you to schedule your services!  Please call (480) 941-4247 or email [email protected].




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