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In 2014, Dr. Julie T. Anné  and Dr. Ashley Southard set out to change the world.  Well, maybe it’s more accurate to say that they set out to change the manner in which people struggling with chronic overeating, emotional eating, binge eating disorder, and associated issues with weight, were treated.

As seasoned eating disorder specialists, Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley knew that compulsive overeating has very little to do with food. And just about everything to do with deeper underlying processes that affected your relationship with your emotions, your relationship with your Body, and your relationship with your Self.

After having had the privilege of helping literally hundreds of people FULLY heal their dysfunctional relationship with food through participation in TheHealthyWeighOut workshops and in-person therapy services, they KNEW they needed to bring their original approach to true emotional eating resolution to people outside of their Scottsdale, Arizona treatment center.

And the rest is history.

International podcasts, a very popular YouTube channel, a Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Faculty appointment, media spots and growing status as international emotional eating experts all led Dr. Julie & Dr. Ashley to receive an outpouring of global requests asking them to make their groundbreaking “The Deeper Work” approach to healing from emotional and binge eating available to people around the world.

The result?

cutting edge, international ONLINE educational community for emotional and binge eatersCircle of HOPE!